About Us

The Ace Drill Corporation in Adrian, Michigan was established in 1933 and originated the “ground-from-the-solid” process of manufacturing drills. The objective was to create the highest quality cutting tools for the lowest possible cost. Continuing improvements in Ace machinery and production techniques have made it possible to produce drills possessing consistently greater uniformity of hardness, superior toughness and strength, higher resistance to wear and breakage, plus optimum cutting ability.
Here at Ace these properties are obtained by reversing conventional production procedures - that is, by manufacturing drills and reamers after the material has been hardened, instead of before. In this unique process, mill length bars of top-quality high speed steel are passed in continuous lines through a special high temperature furnace in which conditions and the rate of travel are precisely controlled to produce an identical Rockwell hardness from end to end, a superior red hardness, and an ideal grain structure for maximum toughness in service.
By heat treating in the round, any decarburization experienced occurs on the outer periphery only where it can be quickly, easily, and entirely removed by centerless grinding. Moreover, the perfect metallurgical structure of pre-hardened material is not disturbed by subsequent precision fluting operations.
In addition to these basic advantages, you will find that Ace “ground-from-the-solid” manufacturing techniques give you many other quality features not found in tools produced by conventional methods. A symmetrical web, for example, that is concentric with the diameter over its entire length. Highly polished precision flutes free from surface defects. Plus sharper, stronger cutting lips that penetrate faster, last much longer, and produce smoother, more accurate holes at lower cost.